Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Integrating things... reflection on 23 things so far

Thing 19
So it's a while since I did anything 23 thingsy... and of course the first thing I do when I come back to my blog is to change the template - rather than get to work on the 23 things.

So far it has been a mixed bag for me. Some of the things I have found useful, some I am not sure I will be able to apply to my professional work, and some I already use regularly. This is going to be a long post as we have been asked which we found most useful and which we are likely to incorporate into a working routine.

Most useful to me were / are: 

My google account and open ID as they are the gateway to many other things. For example through my google account I can access my blog, the library's wiki, google calendar, google docs, google reader, and analytics. It is a cornerstone of my working routine and I use it at least once a day.
The next most useful thing are my social networking accounts - which I have integrated to 'talk' to each other. My twitter feeds to my linked in, and to my blog, an my facbook (When it works). I have also played around with the library's twitter account and have a feed of it up as the library news on the homepage. I am currently trying to integrate this feed as a twitter feed or an rss feed into the library news web page so that it updates automatically. However, we have some issues with how it looks - more work is needed on this before a final decision is made.

Least useful
I didn't really find Jing of much use, but that's probably because I have professional software that does a better job. I'm not sure if I will ever use pushnote again. I have still to find a relevant use for it for my current role. May of the things about professional development I have already done so they didn't really figure as useful, apart from the fact that it confirms that I am on the right track. These would include:
  • Face to face networks and professional organisations
  • Graduate traineeships, Masters Degrees and Chartership
  • Mentoring
  • Attending, presenting and organising seminars, conferences and other events
  • Advocacy and speaking out for the profession - getting published
I could not set up some of the 'things' as they required network priviledges that I am not given at work, so Dropbox and Mendeley will not be used a I cannot even get them set up properly.

Zotero, I have only used occasionally over the last few years, as we have access to endnote web this is not critical, but if it ever were to go then this would be useful. 

Things that have / may find their way into my work or working routine
The following are already part of my working routine... daily, weekly, monthly, or irregularly.
Google Account & Open ID, Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIN, Wikis (library wiki via google sites, vendor wiki's as help resources etc.)

Things that I have yet to figure out a regular use for, but that I can see myself potentially using include:
Google calendar (I am working on setting this up for the library so that our opening hours can be updated without the website having to be edited)
Evernote (This would be especially useful for gather ideas for the library website - if I ever get around to looking at it as a project again!!!)
Google docs - I have started using this for the library's wiki. I especially like being able to put a form on a webpage and have it feed into a google docs spread sheet. i have also used it to back up presentations that I have given at conferences and seminars over the years, and in turn then posted these to the staff wiki.
Blog - I need to figure out a use for it after my 23 things are finished, I don't want to let it die, but I need a direction for it. Maybe monthly updates on what I'm at / reading etc might work.
Citeulike, I think I will use this, but not frequently, as publish or perish would match a certain amount of what it does. However it was nice to search for my own name and find it there, and see who was using / looking at my article.

I think that I have managed to integrate many of the 23 things, not just into my work, but also with each other. There has been a benefit too for the library as it has given me some ideas to try out on the website that I never would have been aware of otherwise.

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