Friday, 9 September 2011

Zotero, Mendeley, citeulike

I have had the zotero add on in my fire fox browser for a few years nowe, and of course I am guilty of not really revisiting it that often. I use endnote web and ref works mostly, but suppose that zotero could be used too. It was so long since I looked at it properly that I had forgotten that there is a word add on too... so I have corrected my error and downloaded it. I have to say though that I still don't find it very intuitive, but perhaps that's because i am used to using the commercial ones.

I tried to download Mendeley, but ran it problems with our proxy server - again. So I guess I know now that this is not an option for our library patrons on campus.

Cite u like isn't really a bibliography tool, but I think that is could be useful if I was conducting research and needed to gather articles together, rather than having a large selection of them just sitting on my desk in print, this might help narrow the relevant titles down, the tags would hopefully be useful for that. Of course I was delighted to find an article by yours truly there already. Good for the ego~!!!

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Niamh said...

Yeah! got a google alert on my name to show that someone had interacted with the record for my article on cite u like!!!