Monday, 21 April 2014

Raptor training - conclusions.

Dr. Rhys Smith from JANET and Cardiff University presented to the group about the Raptor software that they have developed. This was a JISC funded project.

The idea was to capture the usage of multiple resources, access using multiple methods and make the data accessible to people who need statistics but don't have technical skills, as after all statistics prove value to academic departments etc.

Raptor is Open Source. It is based on Java enterprise, embedded Jeyy, all AJAX, and uses SPRING. It uspports LINUX and WINDOWS.

The software sits on the server, it is jave based, and looks at log files. (old log files can be imported.) It is a multi unit aggregator (MUA) which stores data in a database, with a web java servlet for user access to reports.

You can have a hierarchy >
Feed local raptor data into a central 'HEA' raptor server, and control what data is sent by implementing 'policies'.

Set up is needed for LDAP integration. Configuration can handle attribute inclusion (dept. etc.)
Attainment can be examined > Library use V Final Award.

If +1,000,000 events are anticipated it is best to use a real DB and not VM.

Reports are generated using a graphs wizard, which generates graphs that can then be downloaded and shared. Examples include, top 5, event type, acategory, date, time interval in minutes.
This means for example you can filter the top 10 resources by department, or look at undergraduate usage. Reports export in csv or pdf.

Raptor is available at

There is a user list
It does not fit with COUNTER standard
Currently only implemented with EZProxy.
Must be installed on server authentication is being made to > Millennium server. 

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