Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The final thing !!!

Reflection - what next?

The final thing. I've made it through...
6 word story to sum up how I feel about the program
 worth while, would like more tech stuff.

Task _ PDP
A smart analysis would show that I should concentrate on improving my technological skills, specifically include some time in my work schedule to get to know new tools and services, like Prezi and evernote, as in the long run they may help make my working life easier. (And that of my colleagues). This should be done in tandem with building my official / formal training especially to enable me to continue to develop the library's web services. This would form the basis of any PDP, but should be augmented with proper management training opportunities. At work we create a PDP on a regular basis and this is signed off by all involved.


I plan to continue with CPD on my own, separate from the opportunities that may or may not be available to me via work. This includes maintaining my personal professional memberships and contributing to the LAI as I can.  Reading to stay current and surfing the net for ideas.

23 things what next
I'm not sure where this goes next. I know that I have received benefits, as has my employer, from my participation in the program. I know it's reminded my that I need to keep a closer weather eye on the online tools and services that are available, especially productivity tools. So I suppose I should try to set up some alerts for those... but I need to think about how to phrase the search. I will continue to use many of the tools that were part of the program, and hopefully find some more of my own to add to my arsenal of weapons in delivering library services to our patrons.It is good to know that I am on the right path, having already started out on many of the practices put forward in the program as relevant as tools  or opportunities for CPD.

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