Friday, 29 July 2011

Things 8&9 Google Calendar & Evernote

I am trying to stay on top of this as I am about to take a month off... so I looked at thing 8 and realised that I had it done already!!! I even got my calendar to display on my blog :) I think that this might be a good way for people other than the web team at work to be able to update the library's opening hours and events.

Next up was thing 9. I thought that it was a bit less easy to use than the documentation made out, but I got there. I can see where this would be very useful workwise as I would be able to use it to gather websites that I like the look and feel of or the functionality of and review them in a batch, or share the batch at a later date. I like that it shows up on outlook etc, and isn't just restricted to the web. There might even be a use for it for my humanities subject liasion role, but I will need to spend a bit more time on it before I would be happy to commit to that!!! Happy to head on holiday though!

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