Thursday, 21 July 2011

experiences with social / online networking

I've had a facebook and a linked in account for over a year now. I find they are both good ways for finding out what's going on within the locality and with colleagues. I have to admit I tend more towards the facebook side of things but then again maybe the fact that linked in sends notifications where as I have to actively log on to facebook to see post which requires me to be more interactive with facebook? I think thought that the groups on Linked IN work better than the groups on facebook do, but it really annoys me when people use things like the IFLA or CILIP groups to promote services, politics and goods.

I tried to join lisnpn, but I didn't get the e-mail with the confirmation code yet. And it's for new professional, which I am not. I guess I'll just wait and see what happens.

I haven't really spent much time in Goolge+, maybe it'll improve over time but I found it clunky and slow. I also found there are not a lot of people on there that I know to add to 'circles', and many of those that are haven't bothered to post anything, so I wonder if it is a long term prospect once the hype blows over.

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