Thursday, 14 July 2011

Reflections on 23 Things & Reflective Practice

Relections on 23 things
Ok so it's week 5 and I'm supposed to engage in reflective practice about 23 Things. So far the only new thing to me is pushnote, and I'm not too sure of it's value, as Google has a rating option now for sites, and delicious etc have been around for years, but I shall persevere.

I had aleady created a blog (not this one), so it only took short time to set this one up. I had a google account, which provided an OPENID for me (I wasn't aware that it had - so I suppose that's another new thing!). Searching google for me gave results only about me on the 1st page of results. So I seem to be managing my professional brand in some way shape or form. I already had google reader set up for rss and a twitter account.

I think that I need to start getting into the habit of checking the rss feeds on google reader more frequently than I do, or figure out some way of integrating it into my social media accounts. This the conculsion that I have come to after reflecting on the experience so far.

Reflective Practice
I suppose the relections above could be the start of reflective practice for me. 23 things is an ongoing project that I am involved in for the summer and so I can apply the questions posed to it.
What did you learn?
So far pushnote is the only service that is new to me, but it was interesting to see the google results and realise thta my openid does have an impact on them.
What did you enjoy?
Looking around in other's blogs was interesting, especially as it lets you see that there are so many approaches to the one thing - set up a blog.
What worked well?
Being reminded of things that I had set up years ago and revisiting them, prompting me to update information and to realise that I should be paying more attention to keeping all my information up-to-date as well as checking Google reader for rss on a regualr basis - or finding someway of encorporating it better into my work flow.
What, if anything, went wrong?
Nothing in particular went wrong.
What would you change?
I think more guidelines around the start of the 23 things, and a cleared instruction about the need to tag entries, highlighting that the blog is essentially a homework journal for the 23 things would be helpful. I have gone back and changed the look and feel of my blog as a result of figuring this out.
What (potential) impact could this have in your workplace?
I think I have to be careful not to spend all my time online, but so far most of the things have been applicable to my role, and I can see the value of others for those filling other roles. I am hoping that the 23 things will continue to make me think about the way we do things and have a positive impact on my workplace. I think that so far this is true... but I think in all honestly that only time will tell which thingsmake it into daily or regular use and which fall by the wayside. 

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