Monday, 4 July 2011

Google yourself!!! Personal brand.

After seeing another 23things participant's comment on google results for their name, I did the same. I know I am the only Niamh Walker-Headon, so I wasn't surprised to see that the results all related to me - at least on the first page. It's easy when you have a unique name to have his happen. Even the photo's seem to be the same.
The results were: Google Profile, Facebook, LinkedIN, Library Association of Ireland, Twitter, Emerald (an article I wrote) Scribed, LAi CIG, And 123 people, which had photos of me - ALL reassuringly work related. 

No nasty surprises from my past at least :)

I think that it is wise to keep a private online identity, as I'm sure my cousins don't really want to know about my 23 things :).

I haven't really settled on a visual brand yet, as i tend to play around with the look and feel of things a lot.

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