Friday, 9 September 2011

Advocacy and speaking up for the profession - getting published : Things to do

I am not an active advocate. I do however support organisations that engage in advocacy. The LAI and IFLA are both very strong in this area and I feel represent my interests better than I could. I think that any time that I interact in a professional capacity with anyone (student or staff) outside of the library team I am engaging in advocacy of the library, it's staff, librarianship as a profession, and it's services. With today's climate, it is easy for senior managers to see library services as a passive thing that can be cut, or not maintained to the same level without having any major impact, so by helping the profile of the library we are really helping our users and making a case for our services.

On the plus side I have managed to get an article published in library hi-tech news about the implementation of the open source researcher suite here, but I suppose that's more advocacy of open source software than anything else. I will probably do so again, but I need to find a topic. Maybe when 23 things is finished I'll give it another go.

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