Thursday, 19 January 2017

OS Readings Series: Walls

Walls, Ian, ‘Migrating from Innovative Interfaces’ Millennium to Koha: The NYU Health Sciences Libraries' Experiences’, OCLC Systems & Services: International Digital Library Perspectives, 27 (2011), 51–56 <>

 This article was reviewed with aneye to identifying problems, issues and advice for migrating from Millennium to Koha. 

Expired codes, typos and outdated MARC21 fields were identified as needing to be addressed. 
Location field in Millennium translates into 4 fields in Koha. (Branch, Item Location, Item Type and Collection)
M    MARC21 export required a script to extract in MARCXML format from the OPAC as Data Exchange module was not available. 

     Consider which patrons to migrate : 
     Only those active in the last X years
     Only those with library materials
     Only those with fines / bills 
     Validae accounts to be migrated against the local master directory

     Staff training and testing
     Have the data available to staff 3 months in advance. Test extensively for functionality as it may be there but in a different location, or labelled something else. 
     Identify and document changes to procedures and policy. 
     Create cataloguing templates 
     Use different CSS for the public and staff interfaces to make them clearly different from each other. 
     Workflows will change in Acquisitions, Cataloguing and Circulation at a minimum. 

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