Thursday, 19 January 2017

OS Readings Series: Singh

Singh, Vandana, ‘Experiences of Migrating to an Open- Source Integrated Library System’, Information Technology & Libraries, 32 (2013), 36–53 <> [accessed 19 January 2017] 
Singh refers to Kohn and McCloy's advice to migrate in 3 phases: 

  1.  Public Web Site and Federated Catalogue
  2. & 3 Staff back end. 
In relation to time frames Walls (3 months) and Dennison and Lewis ( 2months) are mentioned. 

Advice is given to have staff work on the system before training (2 days), to ensure that they get the most out of it, and to deliver same by module.

  • Create awareness as to what open source is in the library
  • Develop IT skills internally
  • Have a demonstration system
  • Have a designated liaison with the vendor
  • Set aside a significant amount of staff time for: 
    • Testing
    • Development
    • Migration
  • Set up regular meetings
  • Do three test loads
  • Set up tables and settings in advance
  • Do data mapping very carefully
  • Weed out of date materials 
  • Have a fine amnesty
  • Look at grant money for OS development and do so in a partnership.
  • Spot check data
  • Utilise training materials generated by other libraries 
  • Utilise manuals created by other libraries
  • Utilise pre-existing webinars
  • Systems administration staff will need more intensive training
    • Specifically: Linux and SQL
  • If migration is changing things significantly for patrons additional marketing and a demonstration system could be made available
  • Set up online tutorials for patrons 

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