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HeaNet Services for libraries: LIR Group Seminar - 20/11/2014

The LIR / HeaNet seminar - Services for libraries, was a great overview of the services that might be relevant to libraries, in context. The program, including links to the presentations are below.
9:45-10:00HEAnet IntroductionBrian Boyle
10:00-10:15Contracts Management / ProcurementGarvan McFeeley
10:15-10:25EdugateGlenn Wearen
10:25-10:30EdustorageOrla McGann
10:30-10:40Security scanning/auditing & CertificatesGlenn Wearen
10:50-10:55IdP-hostingGlenn Wearen
10:55-11:05Datacenter hostingOrla McGann
11:05-11:20Web-hosting & Moodle hostingRobert Gallagher
11:20-11:40MultimediaJustin Hourigan
11:40-11:50Ciera (cloud platform)Robert Hackett
11:50-12:05eduroamLouis Twomey
12:05-12:15ListservDNS registrationBrian Boyle
12:15-12:30Service Development Process / ProposalsBrian Boyle
12:30Q&A / Close


  • Reminder to join the HEA Net lists -  not just the library related ones. 
  • Reminder that the change to IPv6 will necessitate a change in how users are authenticated to subscription resources, and that EDU Gate can help fill the gap. 
    • The option to enable shibboleth by default was outlined, but that the library as customer must request set up with the publisher. 
    • Validation can be against several databases of users.
  • IP recognition remains the default long in mechanism on campus. 
  • HEA Net will request IREL resources be shibboleth enabled for the libraries. 
  • EDU Storage, is a self-service / self managed portal, with single identity log on, which can be configured locally. 
    • Hosted Moodle services use this as their storage
  • Miscellaneous security services are offered, such as: Computer Emergency Response Team, Vulnerability Scanning, Security Auditing, Advice if going out to tender, SPAM management, SSL certification, eScience - grid computing certificates. 
  • Hosting is available via the datacentres, monitored. with UPS, cooling and KVM services. 
    • This can include LAN extensions over layer 2, p2p circuits, with local IP run over it. 
  • Web hosting: low cost hosting for low traffic sites is available. Costings scale to the amount of sotrage and databases needed, but start from <€100.
    • Low traffic = 20-30 hits per minute (PLESK admin)
    • High traffic = 200-300 hits per minute
      • May require upgrading to enterprise web hosting at this level. 
  • Multimedia services include video streaming and conferencing (National Gate Keeper). and file sender. 
    • V-Scene (via JANET), dials out to those scheduled to attend video conferencing. 
      • Quality assurance checks are required once you register your unit. 
    • Vidyo: desktop video conference.
      • This is the back end used to deliver Google Hangouts. 
      • Each institution gets it's own portal once they sign up to use the service. 
      • It can be accessed via client download.
      • Invites can be issued via e-mail and guest access granted. 
      • Mobile device compatible. 
      • Can take part from users desk. 
    • Video streaming is supported via the web host, with no limit on the number of files, or their size. The system will convert video and provide an embed code. 
      • This service is not publicly indexed. 
      • Access can be restricted. (ie EduGate authentication)
      • Mobile friendly service. 
      • This service can be used to create podcasts. 
      • Content can be added to iTunes U over SSL encryption and followed by subscription. 
      • Live streaming is supported. Events can be created and then embedded in a website. 
        • The Oireachtas live service is streamed  this way 
        • Other options are student radio stations and live conferring ceremonies. 
  • Ciera = result of the Cloud services Strategy. Pay by use instead of having to invest in physical architecture. Cloud is seen as a central future direction. 
    • HEA Net will broker > Multicloud portal built on dell cloud manager
      • Community cloud, private cloud, public cloud (Amazon, Azure etc.) 
  • HEA net can broker. 
  • Ciera is built on an (Dell Cloud Manager) IaaS network. (Proof of Concept stage to establish need (ie Virtual Private Cloud, etc.)
    • Two aspects to this
      • Multicloud 
      • IaaS Community cloud. 
    • There is only one interface to the Ciera cloud
      • Public/VM Ware/Private.
      • Locally cocontrolledccess permissions. 
    • Local standard image for a pc can be created and deployed from the cloud
      • Virtual machine on demand - if you will. 
    • No extra cost for storage, IP addresses and network connectivity, which are additional charges on the public cloud. 
  • File sender can be used to share very large files, up to 100 GB. Federated access is a given, but guest access can be arranged via e-mail invite (voucher system). 
    • You set the expiry date by which the files should be downloaded. 
    • Your browser must support html 5 to avail of this service. 
  • Listserv / Mailing list:
    • Mailing lists can be moderated, public, private, and have rss feeds (public lists)
    • Listserv platform still has no better alternative as it still has a rich feature set.
    • There is an API for automatic management 
    • A list should have 2 owners, be relevant to higher education and be work relevant. 
      • Owners are not subscribers/ 
  • Eduroam: community wide WiFi access, anywhere in the world that is part of the network, leverages federated access, via a globally unique ID. 
    • Users can be held accountable for their usage as they are identifiable.
    • An SSL channel is used to validate against the local user database. 
    • To be part of the network a site has to conform to a minimum standard for WiFi and encryption strength.
    • Users devices need to be configured to Eduroam before roaming.
    • A Mobile access configuation tool for EduRoam is available at 
      • Includes self-install
      • A device should only have to be configured once. 
    • lists locations where the service is available. 
    • Service providers' local WiFi most be compatible with the EduRoam network, have a Radius Server and an EduRoam information page that contain information about possible blocks etc. (ie no gmail ). 
      • EduRoam depends on the local exisiting WiFi infrastructure/s. 
  • DNS registration service. 
    • c€20 per annum
    • Set it up at the start of your project, remembering that DNS are on a first come first served basis. 
    • HEA Net Hosting includes DNS Registry. 
  • Service Change Management
    • The information services department can help format proposals
      • It can take 1 month to write a proposal, and a further month to complete submission. 
      • Subsequent to moving to the procurement phase, help can be received when preparing and evaluating tenders. 
    • There is a services steering group 
    • A new role has been introduced > Client collaboration and delivery manager. 
      • Dedicated to requirements gathering. 
  • An Chéím, will become part of a subsidary company > EduCampus. 

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