Monday, 2 September 2013

Inculsion of Search Boxes on Library Homepages - An Overview

When evaluating the library home page for a new design, I reviewed the inclusion and search targets of the search boxes on the library homepages of Libraries identified on as having both Millennium and Summon, and Irish Academic Libraries irrespective of ILS or RDS. Where no box was immediately evident, but a link offered, this is noted in the table below.

Millennium is the library management software, and Summon is a resource discovery layer.  Both are used to provide search options to library web site users for locating print and electronic information.
Where another interface is offered instead this is noted. There is a clear trend to offer search on tabbed content or links, as opposed to search boxes on the homepage (14 sites)

Homepages were visited in July 2013.

Overview results


Library OPAC




Brown University VuFind
Darlarna University * Summon only
Dartmouth College One Search Parsed records,
with three results columns:
Summon, Library
Catalogue, Library Web Site.
Fairfield Search options offered on tabs,
with addtional information on
mouse roll over 
Middlebury College Tabbed search option 
Murdoch University * Summon only
Queensland University of Technology * Customised with check
boxes for all, articles, etc.)
Temple University Search Tabs
University of Houston Lefthand menu - very clear
University of Miami Search Tabs
University of Nevada Popdown menu
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Search tabs including Google Scholar
includes options for articles and catalog
University of Tasmania Tick boxes  then databases, journals,
catalog (keyword & classic)
and help. Then explore more,
 includes, citation finder,
and ILL core tools.
Victoria University * * Search options listed, summon, book
and e-books, and journal articles
University College Cork Search Tabs
Trinity College Dublin Search Tabs
University of Limerick Search Tabs
NUI Galway One search box, with more options
Dublin City University Search tabs
NUI Maynooth Search tabs
GMIT * and Google custom search
AIT Search tabs
ITB * * via tick boxes
CIT * *
IADT Search Tabs
Sligo IT * Search tabs
ITT Dublin * search tabs Summon branded Find IT
ITTR * Link to summon
WIT * Link to summon
DIT * Link to summon

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